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Apdex Symposium Call for Presentations

We are seeking speakers for the third annual Apdex Symposium. The Apdex standard and methodology are supported and promoted by the Apdex Alliance. The 800 alliance members include vendors that support the effort and individuals interested in adopting Apdex within their enterprise. A goal of the alliance is educational outreach and building community around application performance management, and the Apdex Symposium is key to that effort. 

The Alliance will hold its third annual Apdex Symposium–a conference within the CMG Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada Tuesday, December 9th. We encourage you to attend, and if you have experience applying Apdex to share what you have learned as a speaker.

If you have some Apdex data, case studies, examples, products, a home-grown implementation, or ideas about how to improve Apdex–let the rest of the community know. Topics will include, but are not limited to:

  • Comprehensive Performance Management
  • Using Apdex to Manage Performance
  • Performance Management Tools
  • Apdex Case Studies
  • Apdex Enhancements

The Apdex sessions are always well attended and the feedback is consistently positive. You will only need to provide a 20-minute presentation. No lengthy paper is required! If you are interested, please contact the symposium chair ( Take a look at last year’s symposium program and presentations at the Apdex website to get a better idea of what it’s about. The 2007 Apdex Symposium archive is here.

The International CMG ’08 Conference is in Las Vegas, December 7-12 at the Paris Hotel. The CMG Conference is an extremely educational venue for anyone interested in application performance management, and Apdex Symposium participation is included in the CMG conference fee. 

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