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How to Choose an APM Tool: Webinar Archive

The June 30, 2010 Apdex webinar material is available. Download the presentation here.

It is difficult to choose an APM tool that really helps your enterprise manage application performance. With more than 30 application performance management (APM) tool vendors with scores of product offerings, buyers face hundreds of confusing choices. This confusion is compounded by the lack of common APM nomenclature, making cross-vendor comparisons challenging.

In this live webinar Peter Sevcik, Executive Director of the Apdex Alliance, described an APM tools framework to help you define your APM requirements and map them to vendor offerings. The framework is a comprehensive description of application management functions and provides common nomenclature that makes it easy to compare tools. The framework also places Apdex elements in their appropriate contexts.

The APM framework enables you to describe and prioritize the functions appropriate for your environment and helps guide your APM strategy. This video gives you the knowledge to avoid decisions based on vendor hype rather than a good match with the needs of your enterprise. Watch this video before investing in your next performance management tool.

How to Choose an APM Tool from Apdex Alliance on Vimeo.

We thank the 85 people who registered to attend the live event. Their questions prompted interesting discussion that added a lot of value. Please stay tuned for future webinars.

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