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Apdex Is Alive!

Dear followers,

We have been silent on this website for some time. I apologize for the long lull.

Chris Loosley, an ardent voice of Apdex was silenced by his passing in May 2012. His enthusiastic energy and wit are missed.

Apdex lives on. It is a simple formula, like the area of a circle equals Pi times the radius squared. Granted, the Apdex equation is not as history changing, but the similarity is its useful simplicity. Simple ideas need no sponsors. People use them freely and apply them where they will. They are tools for invention and creativity. So it has been with the simple Apdex formula.

Adoption has been growing. For example there are now more than 175 members of the Apdex LinkedIn Group.

We are opening the Apdex Alliance to anyone interested in learning or who wishes to share their experiences. If you have used Apdex in an innovative way, please submit your story to this website. If you have implemented Apdex in a product, please submit the description (along with a link to your company’s Apdex material) to this website.

This website will no longer list companies as official sponsors. Companies with Apdex products can be associated with Apdex by their posts as described above. We are adopting the LinkedIn Apdex group as the place for individuals to associate as Apdex members.

But continue to tune into this website! News and information are coming.

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