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Using Apdex to Improve Online Customer Satisfaction

New Relic hosted a fast-paced webinar where Peter Sevcik, founder and executive director of the Apdex Alliance, provided an overview of Apdex. New Relic consultant Steve Hudson followed with real-world examples of how to measure Apdex scores in production Rails Read More

Many Uses of Apdex

Apdex is a simple formula that converts many performance values into an easy to understand 0-to-1 performance index. Defining the target application response time T and accurately interpreting the result (the score) requires some methodology–and that methodology should reflect how … Read More

How Fast is Fast Enough?

Modern life is about speed-rushing to keep up. Your business application had better run fast, faster, fastest. Conventional wisdom dictates that application response time must always be faster. Whatever speed your users experience today, it had better be half that … Read More

How Apdex Works

Apdex describes how to report application response time measurements so even business managers can understand. The methodology is measurement-tool agnostic–you can use synthetic agents or measure the real user experience. You can measure in the data center, out on the Read More

Apdex: A Standard for Reporting Application Performance

Imagine a simple numerical measure of user satisfaction with the performance of enterprise applications. It exists and it’s catching on. It’s called an Apdex score. Here’s why it is and what it is.

Why Apdex? For two decades CIO magazine … Read More