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What’s This?


This Apdex widget on the left is a dynamically updated Apdex report of this website’s home page supplied by CA Technologies Nimsoft Cloud User Experience Monitor (formerly WatchMouse). The widget shows following information.


•         The number to the right of the name of the web page being monitored is the Apdex T (Target response time)–the performance objective in seconds.

  • Apdex USA [4] shows performance as seen by users in the USA
  • Apdex World [4] shows performance as seen by users outside the USA

•         The vertical scale (left) indicates Apdex scores (0.0 is the worst and 1.0 is perfect).

•         Each data point is the average Apdex score for a day of measurements. The widget shows the last 7 days.

•         The scores update every day.

•         The measurements are performed by CA Technologies Nimsoft test servers from 95 locations around the world.

For example, a website wants to deliver a page in less than 4 seconds [T] in order to keep its users satisfied with the responsiveness of the page. If the Apdex score is 0.95 then the website is delivering excellent performance relative to the 4 second objective. A score below 0.85 is considered delivering fair performance. Enterprises are free to define their own objective [T] and how high the Apdex score should be to satisfy business needs. The objective and how well it is delivered are separate metrics.



The rotating figures in the header of this website are examples of real Apdex reports submitted by our members. These reports represent both custom implementations by enterprises and standard vendor products. They show the great variety of ways Apdex can be used to report performance.

We want to show how Apdex reports are being generated by vendor tools, and we want samples of reports used within enterprises. So give us all you are able to share.

If you have an Apdex report that you want to submit, just email a screen shot to All report examples are edited to remove company names and are shown without attribution.