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This Apdex widget on the left is a dynamically updated Apdex report of this website’s home page supplied by CA Technologies Nimsoft Cloud User Experience Monitor (formerly WatchMouse). The widget shows following information.

• The number to the right of the name of the web page being monitored is the Apdex T (Target response time)–the performance objective in seconds.

Apdex USA [4] shows performance as seen by users in the USA
Apdex World [4] shows performance as seen by users outside the USA
• The vertical scale (left) indicates Apdex scores (0.0 is the worst and 1.0 is perfect).

• Each data point is the average Apdex score for a day of measurements. The widget shows the last 7 days.

• The scores update every day.

• The measurements are performed by CA Technologies Nimsoft test servers from 95 locations around the world.

For example, a website wants to deliver a page in less than 4 seconds [T] in order to keep its users satisfied with the responsiveness of the page. If the Apdex score is 0.95 then the website is delivering excellent performance relative to the 4 second objective. A score below 0.85 is considered delivering fair performance. Enterprises are free to define their own objective [T] and how high the Apdex score should be to satisfy business needs. The objective and how well it is delivered are separate metrics.