The Apdex Users Group

Originally conceived to report software application performance data, Apdex (Application Performance Index) is an open standard that defines a method to report, benchmark, and rate everything from application response time, to food quality, surgical outcomes, time to repair, latency delivered by an ISP, or time to pour a beer. In short, Apdex is a standardized way to report on just about any user experience by converting many measurements into a single simple to understand zero-to-one score. Originally championed by a pioneering group of application performance measurement vendors searching for a common way to report their results, Apdex now has its own Users’ Group for anyone interested in applying the Apdex specification to report user experience outcomes.

The Apdex methodology is expanding as it is applied to measurements outside the time realm. Furthermore, the rules governing T and F relationships have become flexible in order to accommodate new uses. The Apdex user community welcomes submissions of novel use cases. Please contact the Users Group chairman via the contact form to open a discussion.

Peter Sevcik, Chairman