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Apdex Is Not Just For Application Performance

Apdex is a way to study measurements of any experience that can be interpreted on a scale ranging from excellent to unacceptable. It can be used to rate everything from application response time, to food quality, surgical outcomes, time to … Read More

Don’t Expect Miracles from your Database Administrator

My previous post focused on the contribution of the Database Administrator (DBA) to application performance. Even so, application performance depends upon many factors, some of which are beyond the control of even the most dedicated DBA. So if you were … Read More

Be Nice to a DataBase Administrator Today

The annual Computer History Museum Fellow Awards program publicly recognizes individuals of outstanding merit who have significantly contributed to advances in computing technology or applications, and to the evolution of the information age. Fellows may have worked in such diverse … Read More

Monitor Standard Application Scenarios

In recent years, much has been written about the value of use cases and scenarios for capturing functional requirements; by comparison, their usefulness for performance management has received scant attention .  An application scenario defined for performance management purposes:

  • Involves
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Newton’s First Law of Performance Monitoring

If Sir Isaac Newton were stating the laws of computer systems performance, his first law would surely have been: The graph of performance continues in a straight line unless the force of some external event causes it to change.

Not … Read More